Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success (H. Ford)

Our values are the product of our history,
they shape our behaviour,
from production to customer relation.

We are the first steel company to have obtained International environmental certification. We are committed to applying sustainability policies in the production cycle by constantly monitoring water and energy consumption.

  • Our

    Our approach

    Sideralba is a steel company active in the Italian and international scene. Owned by Rapullino Group, Sideralba produces and sells 600.000 tons per year of coils, tubes, strips, sheets from coils and open profiles. With the recent acquisition of the facilities of ILVA Group and Tunisacier in Tunisia, Sideralba has expanded its own production with the whole steel cold cycle for the production of cold rolled coils and coated ones. The dock of ownership in Bizerte has allowed to start a strong commercial action across Europe, Africa, Arabic Countries and American Continent.


    Our values

    Sideralba was established in 1993 in Caivano (Napoli) as a small-sized enterprise and soon becomes the manufacturing leader in Italy for processing galvanized coils addressed to construction and agricultural industries. While growing up to the current organization of 600 employees and the 3 production sites in Italy and Tunisia,
    Sideralba has chosen to maintain a family-run approach to business: our values are the product of our history, they lead our business decisions and shape our processes, from production to customer.


    Our quality

    Over the last 25 years, Sideralba has been able to transform its business while
    keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority: we constantly invest to assure top quality products, customizations of supplies and fast delivery.

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    Our responsibility

    We have been one of the first companies to get the international environmental certification.
    We are fully committed to implement sustainability policies during production processes by controlling water and energy consumption.


    Our people

    "25 years ago we were a Family Group, now we are a Big Family with a steel passion“
    Tommaso Rapullino, founder and Chairman

Why us?

Rapullino Group produces and sells 600,000 steel products tons per year.
In all the Italian and Tunisian production plants employs about 600 employees.



Rapullino Group consists of the following companies:

The internationalization process

Our commercial network of internal and external agents is increasingly present in the major geographic markets and allows us to establish and maintain a constant dialogue with our customers to make them feel part of a partnership project. In Europe we are actively present in the following countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Malta, UK, the Netherlands. We also operate in the North Africa region and in the main Arabian countries through our new office located in Tunisia.