Sideralba: from a family history to a leader in steel production

We are a leading steel processing company active on the Italian and international scene, belonging to the Rapullino Group. Every year we produce and market over 600,000 tonnes of steel, including coils, tubes, strips, sheets and open profiles, positioning us as an excellence in the steel sector.
Our company was founded in 1993 in Calvano (Naples) as an artisan company and immediately became the leader in Italy in the processing of galvanised coil for the construction and agricultural sectors.
It grew both in terms of product range and size, to its current 600 employees spread over 4 production sites in Italy and Tunisia, establishing itself as a leader in steel production worldwide.
Despite this, Sideralba has continued to maintain the same family approach: our values are the result of our history, they guide our every decision and define our processes, from production to customer relations.

The values that distinguish our company as excellence in the steel industry

In an ever-changing industrial landscape, Sideralba emerges as a beacon of excellence, guided by core values that shape its identity.
Sustainability is the beating heart of our mission. Committed to environmental protection, every step we take reflects our commitment to a greener future.
The adoption of Industry 4.0 technology is another pillar on which Sideralba builds its success. With a state-of-the-art approach to production, we implement smart technologies to optimise processes, improve efficiency and ensure the highest quality.
Soundness is the third pillar on which we build our claim as a leader in the steel industry. Our financial and operational robustness is the result of prudent management and considered strategic decisions. We guarantee continuity and security for our customers, partners and employees.


We are the first company in the metallurgical sector to be awarded environmental certification thanks to our policy of sustainability in the production cycle. We work with partners who share our ethical values.

Industry 4.0

Our transition to the Industry 4.0 model means integrating advanced technologies to optimise production processes, from data digitisation to advanced machine connectivity.

Reliability and solidity

Sideralba’s solidity and reliability is rooted in its long tradition in the steel industry. Our success story is the foundation on which we build our future, guaranteeing stability for our customers.

Our global steel supply coverage

Our sales network, strategically distributed over the main geographical markets, is the foundation of our corporate philosophy. This global presence allows us to establish and maintain an active dialogue with our customers, actively engaging them and making them feel part of a partnership project with Sideralba. In Europe, we focus our attention on important economic hubs, mainly covering Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Malta, the UK and the Netherlands. With the opening of our new production and logistics site in Tunisia, we have significantly extended our reach. We are now able to easily reach the entire African continent and major Arab countries. This geographical expansion not only allows us to provide a faster and more efficient response to the needs of customers in these regions, but also enables us to offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specificities of each local market.