New intermodal green service Italy

Sideralba Maghreb e Serapide Trans (associated Astre Italy) inaugurated a new intermodal green service between Italy and Tunisi.

New connection made possible round trip between Bizerte – Milano – Bizerte in just 7 days, underpinned by sustainability: the impact of road transport is reduced of 9%.

March 29, 2018 in Maddaloni Campania province – Serapide trans SRL – company active for more than 50 yares in the transport sector and associated to Astre Italy, by the Europinian Network of PMI of the transport and logistic, ufficaly inaugurated a innovated intermodal transport service between Italy and Tunisia. New conection for the round trip between Bizerte – Milano – Bizerte in just 7 days was made possible thanks to the partnership of attendings Italian opertors of railways and inland waterways.

The service stems from the need to connect the Sideralba Maghreb production plant in Bizerte to Northern Italy, recently acquired by the Rapullino Group, to more easily connect the rolling mill to the markets of Central Europe. Serapide Trans has organized the transport of some elements of the Tunisian rolling mill production line on board swap bodies, directly carrying out the road transport and coordinating with third- party naval and rail services, so as to optimize and minimize the delivery times of the transport.

The total distance, equal to 1,600 kilometers, is divided as follows: 180 kilometers by road, 670 kilometers by sea and 750 kilometers by rail.

“The Bizerte-Milan intermodal link gives continuity to the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor of the TEN- T Network, extending it to North Africa passing through the ports of Salerno and Tunis and using three different modes of transport” – said Center Administrator of the Serapide Trans Antonio Simeoli. – In line with the commitment to environmental sustainability of Serapide Trans and ASTRE, the itinerary complies with the strictest terms of sustainable transport: more than 90% of the distance shall be covered according to the principles of green logistics, thus relegating the traction to rubber at less than 9% of the total distance”.


Established in 1992, ASTRE is a network of solid and independent SME, which become the leading European transport and logistics grouping. With more than 400 distribution points located in more than 10 countries of the European Union, including Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, ASTRE continues to pursue its vocation of international development. In 2010 ASTRE Italia was officially coming into being, which becoming the 8th ASTRE region. Currently, the European network has 161 members, with a global turnover of 2.7 billion euros, over 27,000 registrations and employing more than 20,000 people.